Act Now! The GE Gangsters Are Trying to Take Out Alfalfa

Unfortunately my friends, the Monsanto mafia is at it again. Apparently, genetically engineering corn is not enough. Considering all of the money they have made, all of the disease creating processed foods sold from the genetically engineered (GE) corn, all the farmers put out of business or bankrupt, and all of the fields of natural corn contaminated by the GE corn, you would think they perhaps could stop there? Unfortunately not. Now these folks want to colonize and orchestrate another gangster takeover of a very nutrient dense food: alfalfa.

That’s right, Monsanto is looking to introduce Roundup Ready Alfalfa into the market. Keep in mind that their roundup ready crops (these are crops that are compatible with the pesticides they created) when grown, contaminate crops that are not GE. What this means is one field can be planted, the crop will spread and contaminate other natural sources. This phenomenon is definitely plant colonization at it’s best and will threaten not only our lives from the processed foods they will sell, but it will do more damage to the livelihood of our American farmers, who are already knee-deep in debt and being bullied by the food corporations insistent upon having complete control of the market.

More is at stake than just alfalfa people. If Americans do not wake up, I have no doubt that we may soon see a complete takeover and have no true sources of natural food available. They MUST BE STOPPED NOW before the organic veggie hits the fan.

Please visit the link below to read more  and send comments! We have to take action, and only have until this Wednesday, March 3rd. If we don’t stand up for our rights to un-colonized, un-engineered foods, who will?

Ready to dish out an organic can of whoop-ass.

-XoXo Raw Girl

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