Fashion Designer Donna Karan Was a Raw Foodie

Donna After Going Raw

Fashion week is over, but I’m still mourning the loss of one of my favorite designers, Alexander McQueen.  His was usually the only collection I religiously checked up on. This year I started browsing other designers to prep myself for the fact that next year, there will be no Alexander McQueen genius to scope. While checking out other collections, I couldn’t help noticing Donna Karan’s post-show picture on the runway, looking like she’d gained back the majority of weight she lost in 2003.

A couple years ago, probably mostly for the vanity reasons of being thinner ( sigh-fashion), Donna adopted the raw food diet and had a raw chef on call making her delectable dishes daily. Apparently in addition to shocking the fashion world with her new figure she reported that she felt more energized and was enjoying more optimal energy and health. But…I think her “diet” was a clear example of the fact that nothing works long-term unless you are committed to changing your lifestyle. I’m sad Donna fell off the wagon, the fashion world in general has an air of toxicity on many levels—having a sexy raw foodie designer in the midst might have injected a short fizzled focus on true health in the fashion industry. Well, regardless,  the collection was pretty bad ass so at least she’s bringing sexy back in that way. – XoXo Raw Girl

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