Planting 101 Cont’d: How to Transplant

We are back to planting 101… here’s more highlights from my Memorial Day rendezvous in the garden. In this video, my mother broke down how to transplant, or move one plant from the location where it was planted elsewhere, to avoid crowding and suffocation of the roots. I thought I got a workout from this planting session, only to find out, it’s only the beginning. The weeding is where the real back-breaking fun begins, apparently. Looking forward to it? I guess I should be since I plan to seriously chow down on the harvest. Now I am thoroughly convinced that if we all only ate what we sowed, there would be no obesity in this country. Luckily Big Macs don’t grow on trees!  – XoXo Raw Girl

Missed the first planting session? Check it out here:

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