Dr. Sebi’s Cure for AIDS, Diabetes, Herpes, Cancer, Sickle Cell, etc.

This morning I came across an article which discussed finding a possible “functional cure” for AIDS. This “cure” involves giving infected patients bone marrow transplants, which are risky procedures that can end fatally.  I almost laughed out loud because I know that a cure already exists, and I am amazed by the lengths taken to ensure this information is not widespread to the masses.

The thing that no one is talking about ( I wonder why) is the fact that there is a man who has legitimately been curing AIDS, cancer, herpes, diabetes, sickle-cell, etc for years, naturally. His name is Dr. Sebi, and he was even wrongfully accused and taken to court in 1988! They tried to prove that he did not cure AIDS, and guess what? They LOST. He successfully cured AIDS and many other terminal diseases using herbs, diet, and natural means, including curing his own eyesight and impotence issues. Before she passed away, Dr. Sebi helped to cure music group TLC’s own Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez of herpes. If I myself were ever to contract some crazy terminal disease, I wouldn’t think twice, his office would be the first place I would go.

We talk about eating whole foods, eating raw, and eating vegan sometimes because of the amazing effects that appeal to our vanity, but it is very important not to forget that this lifestyle change can lead to AMAZING healing. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, we just have to provide the right fuel. Check out this video. -XoXo Raw Girl

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  1. Chef Skai says:

    Yes, this is true! Dr Sebi is helping people all over the place. And he has been around a very long time. BTW – I know your twin. She is a friend of mine back in St Thomas…You girls are identical. Peace! Great blog. Love the graphics. Come and visit us in PR…SOON!

  2. sheena says:

    How do I get in contact with this doctor? I have sickle cell anemia and other issues. Can you please help me, i know there are natural cures to probably everything for every negative their is a positive. Please help if you can I live in md

    • Hi Just google his office number. They have an office in California. This is what I found—I hope that is the latest number—if not you should be able to find it online. I believe they are not open on Mondays. Dr. Sebi’s Office, LLC. 2807 La Cienega Ave – Los Angeles, CA. 90034 – (310) 838-2490.

  3. MekaEl says:

    Back to nature, it’s about time to return to healthy habits its a must,,if Dr Sebi have the cure for all disease I am a Diabetic type 1 since Juvenile age started @ age 9 I am battling with its complications,if anyone can help I am out here trying to survive. Thanks 1 LUV.

  4. Jennifer Grace says:

    I had the worse sinus headaches and post nasal drip for years. I had fluid in my ears that drove me crazy and I went to ENT doctors and my own primary physician too. They all said I did have fluid but I could clearly feel it and hear it as I moved side to side. I spent lots of money on doctor visits and prescriptions for nasal sprays and nothing helped. I heard about Dr. Sebi for years and finally in May of this year I purchased Viento and within 1 week ALL my symptoms were gone. After the first few days of taking the Herbs I got a really bad head cold BUT that’s the process of the mucus and toxins leaving the body. It was amazing that I spent years of going to physicians that Dr. Sebi’s product cured in one week and for 50.00. Now I try to tell many people about Dr. Sebi and I understand why some people don’t believe bc there is not enough info out there about him but I know for a fact that his product helps. I promise. It’s worth it!!!

  5. Luis says:

    im suffering from thinning hair and used a whole bunch of products and they dont work is it possible with dr sebis product to regrow my hair it seems impossible

  6. i have herpes.When i first found out i wanted to kill myself but ow after reading this o have hope.Can Dr.Sebi help me?

    • Yes, I would try his program. PLEASE do not kill yourself. There is much to live for and living with Herpes is definitely possible, in addition to curing it. Blessings, Raw Girl

    • Seph says:

      Hello, I was wondering if you tried Dr. Sebi to help with the herpes you contracted? If so was it helpful, and what was the process?

      • rawgirl says:

        Hi no Thank God I don’t have Herpes, AIDS or any of the other things mentioned in this article. This information was based on testimonies you can find online. If you are dealing with an issue call their office and speak to someone directly yourself. Best of luck! -XoXo Raw Girl

  7. aids victim says:

    Hi I have been HIV positive for more than 6 years now, before I found out that I was positive. I never use to drink or smoke and I don’t eat meat. Since I found out I even try to practice a more healthier life style. But what I want to know is how can I live a better life despite my status. Ohh I did a CD4 test 6 months ago and the doctor say that the virus is almost undetectable. Give me your advice on how to live with this decease or how can I go about curing it

    • Hello I can’t give you advise, I am not a doctor. But I would reccommed continuing with the healthy lifestyle. Congrats on the virus being undetectable. Dr. Sebi has cured folks of it all together so if I were you I would call his office and consider his programs. -XoXo Raw Girl

  8. Mario garcia says:

    Can someone with hiv come foward dat is using tha dr.sebi products

    • Hi Mario: There have been many cases you may want to google online to see if you find testimonials. Because of the AIDS cases that were cured, Dr. Sebi was taken to court and he won the case because his products work. -XoXo

  9. Herman Turner says:

    I have had type1 diabetes for 23 years and have been in search for a cute. Can you help

  10. Hi excellent blog! Does running a blog like this take a great deal of work?
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    • Hi yes it takes a lot of work and dedication especially to get it to the point where you have a large readership like I do now. But if you love it, you will perservere. If it’s just a hobby, then its really up to you. -XoXo

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