My Healing Journey & Safe Mercury Removal

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  1. Denise says:

    I had mercury poisoning and have made a few comments here before about this.
    I would like to add that in 95% of cases we still need to chelate the heavy metals out in addition to removal. The “vapor” you speak of go deep into the tissue, organs, brain and need to be “pulled” out after removal.

    See on u tube.. Smoking gun-alamgan illness

    I am a Dr Cutler follower and he strongly believes cholera and cilantro are dangerous binders for the removal of mercury b/c they will “loosely ” bind to the Hg but will not be strong enough eliminate them from the body completely and the Hg will break/drop from the binder and re distribute, which can cause more damage and harm. He believes the binders DMSA or DMPS (for body burden-extracellular) and ALA alpha lipoic acid (intracellular and crosses the BBB) done as a frequent dose chelation according to the half life of the supplement is the only safe way to chelate the Hg out of the body.

    See Dr Andy Cutler’s book Amalgam Illness and goggle for more information

    Also See Dr Nunnally DDS in Marble Falls Tx.
    diagnosed with ALS at MD Anderson in Houston, was in a wheelchair, nerve tremors, etc and found it was from mercury. Had it removed by Dr Hal Huggins, mercury free DDS pioneer. (colorado Springs, co) Dr Nunnally recovered, in fact does not have ALS, is not in a wheelchair and has resumed his dental practice to safely remove Hg from the mouth. The Hg is so toxic and deadly and mimics many other diseases, like MS, etc
    his story is here..

    I am still chelating to remove the years of Hg damage that has settled in organs, as well as juicing to heal gut, restore enzymes, vitamins, minerals. Another thing Hg does to the body is cause Derailed Mineral Transport, all in his book

    Hope this helps someone


      I think this might have saved my life. I have been feeling so weird lately. So incredibly exhausted and I have been suffering from anxiety issues out of NOWHERE!!! I have a metal filling that seems to have been loose a bit and when I really think about it, it was about two years ago since I have been having issues. Thank you so much for sharing! I am going to get a blood test done asap!

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