#TestimonialTuesday: Woman Loses 60 lbs in 6 Months Using Raw Girl’s 7 Day Detox

unnamed#TestimonialTuesday: Akosua Peprah (on Instagram as @eloquent_feminist) was kind enough to let me know yesterday that she has lost 60 lbs in 6 months using the principles she learned in Raw Girl’s 7 Day Detox for Beauty, Weightloss, & Rejuvenation!!!! She says: “First of all let me thank you. Your page, your blog, and your book has made a very huge change on my life. I started my journey early November last year, and have lost 60 pounds in all. I was 255 and I am now 195 lbs. The 7 day detox book was the best thing I used my money for.”

First of all Akosua I am so proud of you!!!! For doing the work. For not just reading but taking action on what was written. You are gorgeous at every size and I am so humbled and grateful that my writing could have such an impact. Yesterday when I received your message I literally wept, as I thought about my journey and how just five years ago I didn’t have a dime to my name. I had lost my job and was pretty much unemployed and without steady work for almost two years straight. It was a very tough period but I decided to use my time doing everything I always said I wanted to do. During that time I wrote The Acne-Free Diet, Raw Girl’s 7 Day Detox, and Parasites Be Gone! I prayed for God to use me, because I had a vision but at that time it seemed so far off. So to receive your photos and hear your testimony was HUGE. The message you sent drove home for me that no matter how rocky the journey has been, it was all worth it.

Your testimonial allowed me to reflect and bask in gratitude for the fact that I am now self-employed, about to release my third book,  and working with an incredible team. I continue to pray the little I can do in the world continues to have an impact. The testimonies and positive comments from YOU readers all over the world have always kept me going, so THANK YOU. If you have a story please reach out and let me know! I LOVE YOU ALL so much for your continued support. -XoXo Raw Girl 

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