Simply Flavorful Fruit Salad – Recipe

unnamedWho knew fruit could taste so good? (Raises hand). I whipped this up so quick with fruit I had left over, and the flavor was so unexpectedly amazing I had to share. The spices really take this combo which could be a normal fruit salad and make it into a meal that gives your taste buds and brain some feel good action.  If you need more fruit, free to add other types of fruit you like to make it more hearty if you choose. I made one small serving for one person, add more fruit and spices to make in bulk. -Xo Raw Girl 



1-2 bananas

2-3 kiwis

7 strawberries

dash of cardamom

several dashes cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon coconut palm sugar

hemp seeds to top

Lightly mix in spices. Serve & Enjoy!


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