Healthy Action of the Week: Find Your Dosha!


So in the middle of August, I started chatting with a friend about Ayurveda and finding her dosha. She was like “girl, what the heck is a dosha?” I explained that doshas are archetypes, or body types in the Ayurvedic tradition that help us to understand our constitution, personality, diet, and lifestyle choices and even how we may react to different environments. The three major doshas are: Pitta, Vatta, and Kapha. Your dosha usually stays constant throughout your lifetime and can be a mix of more than one type; for instance mine is Vata-Pitta. That day we both decided to find quizzes online to help us find our dosha. What we learned was so spot on we ended up reading for a few hours. I was amazed that pretty much everything pertaining to my type was spot on. My type didn’t do well with extremely strenuous exercise (check – it makes me tired), would react sensitively to caffeine or alcohol (check – I don’t drink either), and takes well to a cooling diet, sorta like raw food, but at the same time needs stews or warm cozy comfort food (check – this essentially sums up my life in the winter). Seriously reading the results of the quiz was like opening up a page in my diary and realizing someone had read it. I was like: how do they know all my business? This week’s healthy action is for you to take a moment to find your dosha and read up about it. I really like this QUIZ over at Holistic Highway, so give it a try. Message me or comment on FB or Instagram if your results ring true for you our you find out something interesting. -Xo Raw Girl 

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