Daily On-The-Go Meditations with Shine!


For years I’ve been a mediation and mindfulness junkie. It’s safe to say that mindfulness techniques have changed my life and allowed me to deal with stress in a more productive manner. So when I was asked to be a part of offering amazing meditations to the world, of course I said “YES!” I’m ecstatic to announce I’ve been working with the lovely team at Shine Text to voice mindfulness meditations for their brand new app! Shine sends you free daily text messages with motivational quotes, positive affirmations and actions you can take every morning. Their text messages reach millions of users and now with their new app, they are offering mindfulness moments and challenges to help us refocus on the present moment and have the best day possible.

You can download their app now, and you’ll hear my voice on any of the FREE meditations, or in the “Get Fulfilled Challenge.” I also wrote an article for Shine, about my personal struggle with success addiction and the journey to fulfillment which you can read HERE.

-XO Raw Girl

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