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Parasites, Be Gone! Raw Girl’s Guide to Cleansing the Body of Parasites (Copyright August 2013) is an e-book  (82 pages total) with the goal of offering quality information that you can apply to your lifestyle NOW to help you understand parasites and learn the most effective ways to rid your body of them long term.

Have you been trying a variety of cleanses but cannot get rid of your parasite problem? Are you concerned a prevailing condition may be due to a parasitic infection? Or are you searching for a comprehensive list effective remedies that will keep you parasite-free?

In this book you will:

  • Learn about the major groups of parasites and the symptoms that come with infection by them 
  • Discover 30 natural foods and herbs that kill parasites
  • Obtain a list of foods to avoid while conducting a parasite cleanse
  • Learn what may be the root cause of parasite condition and what you can do about it 
  • Obtain all of Raw Girl’s insider parasite-killa secrets and insight into the most essential supplements needed to support your parasite cleanse
  • Discover how internal parasites may be causing your skin condition, chronic fatigue, weight loss, weight gain, etc. and how to get rid of them
  • Learn effective tips for conducting a successful parasite cleanse

This e-book also includes a 14 Day Cleanse. You will receive a Power Juice Guide (over 30 juice, smoothie, and salad recipes), 14 Day Cleanse Calendar, and a cleanse shopping list:

  • Obtain over 30 Quality Juice, Smoothie, and Salad Recipes that are designed to eliminate worms
  • Receive a detailed Cleanse Calendar with schedule for juice recipes
  • Receive a Shopping List with a breakdown of produce needed and a guide to the most effective supplements to support your cleanse

Parasites, Be Gone!  is NOW AVAILABLE to purchase and download immediately for 27.99!!!  Click below to purchase and get your copy!


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