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Raw Vegan Superhero Highlight: Bernando LaPallo, 111 Years Young

Raw Vegan Superhero Highlight: Bernando LaPalloWhen you are off the beaten path and living la vida raw, it is necessary to find motivation to help you go the distance. I personally have always felt reinvigorated and inspired to continue my journey when I hear the stories of living examples who are reaping the benefits of their lifestyle well into their golden years. If you followed the first season of my radio show Healthy Living in a Toxic World, you may remember my longevity series which focused on interviewing HEROES and SHE-ROES who are on the raw diet, and remaining youthful over seventy. I interviewed two of my anti-aging she-roes Mimi Kirk and Annette Larkins, as well as Bernando LaPallo who was 109 years old at the time of interview. This amazing man turned 111 years old last year. Check out the video below for a sneak peak of how a raw vegan lifestyle has worked for him and if you haven’t listened to my radio interview with him yet, which is full of many nuggets of wisdom, check it out now online: Longevity Series: Bernando LaPallo. -XoXo Raw Girl

11 AM EST Today Raw Girl on the Radio!

Good morning Veggie Lovers:

Today my radio show Healthy Living in a Toxic World will premiere on WKCW 1420 AM and on Blog Talk Radio simultaneously at 11 AM EST. This morning’s show focuses on Bernando LaPallo who I wrote about in the past. Bernando was 109 years old when I first interviewed him for this pilot episode, and now he is 111 years old! You can listen in via the blog talk radio link below at 11 AM, and if you miss it, the show should be archived for a few more weeks. Would love your feedback. Please post comments on the blog or Facebook or send me direct mail rawgirltoxicworld@gmail.com. Twelve more incredible episodes coming soon. Below is the show schedule so you know what to look out for, on Blog Talk Radio, the show will air every Saturday at 11 AM for the next 13 weeks. -XoXo Raw Girl



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Smoothie! Moringa Mango Madness & the Anti-Aging Anti-Parasitic Benefits of Moringa

So last week we introduced the miracle tree, Moringa Oleifera. As extensive as that article was, we barely skimmed the surface. If you haven’t read part 1 I suggest you check out the first blog post on Moringa here. In addition to the nutritional benefits of Moringa like the fact that it contains more than 92 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidants, moringa is extremely beneficial for slowing the aging process and guess what, killing parasites! If you are a regular reader of this blog, you should know how much I love any natural product that I can add to my parasite killing arsenal.

If you don’t know, antioxidants are key in slowing the aging process because they neutralize free radicals. The combination of superior nutritional value, which in includes providing all eight essential amino acids and 18 of the 20 amino acids absolutely essential for good health, seven times the Vitamin C content of oranges, four times the Vitamin A of carrots, four times the calcium of milk,  and three times the potassium of bananas, high amounts of iron, along with 46 antioxidants makes moringa probably one of the strongest natural sources of antioxidants. In the O.R.A.C. rest (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) test, moringa was tested against and beat out superfoods like acai, dark chocolate, garlic, blueberries, goji berries, pomegranate, red wine, and baobab for the most antioxidant capacity.

In addition to the powerful antioxidants, moringa leaves contain healthy amounts of cytokinins, which are naturally occuring plant hormones that induce cell division, growth, and delay aging of cells. Clinical studies have shown that this compound also called Moringa YSP produces anti-aging properties in humans and caused new skin cells grew faster than the older cells died. This resulted in an almost miraculous reduction of wrinkles on the face and other parts of the body. Sound better than botox? I think so. 

Now lets get to the parasite killing properties of this other worldly plant. Moringa not only kills parasites, it kills their eggs as well! This is really important to note because in most parasite cleanses, even ones you buy over the counter you have to take cloves in combination with black walnut hull and wormwood to effectively combat both the worms and their eggs. The cleansing effect cause by taking moringa has been used by traditional people to combat worms for years and years. It can effectively help to get rid of waste and parasites while also providing enough nourishment to rectify any imbalances caused by the worms as they leave your body. I am very excited about incorporating this tree into my diet long term for nutrition and to combat parasites and plan to grow it. Last week, I bought some moringa powder and I’m testing out this particular brand. I plan to find the best, most potent brand of leaf powder and continue ongoing use. Will most definitely report back my results! If you want to check out what I am using now, go the Raw Girl Store, and you’ll see it under super foods. Below is the recipe for my first moringa smoothie. -XoXo Raw Girl

Moringa Mango Madness Smoothie

Ingredients: 2 bananas, 1 cup to 1.5 cups of frozen mango, 1 tablespoon moringa powder, 1 tablespoon flaxseed, Young thai coconut water and meat or almond milk.

Put all ingredients in blender. Blend, serve, enjoy! :)


Anti-Aging SHE-ROE #11: Annette Larkins

 The picture to the left is what introduced me to Annette Larkins years ago. If you’ve read my past posts you know that I am a coconut fiend! I would have one a day if I could. So when I saw this photo of a FAB woman sipping on coconut water, I needed to know who she was immediately. I had been meaning to get around to writing a post on her, but it slipped my mind until recently a friend messaged me the video of her below, and a reader posted a comment on the blog about her.

Who would not want to be in their seventies and have youthfulness and vitality that surpasses that of some in their thirties? The woman has had NO PLASTIC SURGERY, and often times gets mistaken for the daughter of her husband who is around her age! When I imagine my ideal self at seventy I look at someone Annette Larkin for inspiration to fuel the dream. Yes, I plan to be that size four wearing, head turning grandmother who still gets cat called in the streets. Annette began her journey as a vegetarian, while her husband owned a meat shop! She then transitioned into raw and has been 100% for over 20 years. As you will see in the video she eats primarily from her own garden, and drinks rain water. That I thought was super cool and interesting. She has authored a two-part booklet series called Journey to Health that can be found on her website via the link below.

The power of the RAW vegan lifestyle is real, and stories like this continue to reinvigorate my inspiration for leading this lifestyle. It can be tough when people constantly question your choices or simply taunt  you for being a vegetable lover. Know that if you choose this path, just like Annette, you will have the last laugh, although by then it may not be too funny. Annette’s husband who now regrets not joining her on her health quest years ago now lives with the help of medication. There’s nothing funny about watching loved ones and friends suffer from diseases or lack of mobility as they get older, but we each have one life to live. What you do with yours, is your choice. EAT TO LIVE. -XoXo Raw Girl

To learn more about Annette, please visit her website: http://www.annettelarkins.com/

Anti-Aging SHE-RO #10: Mimi Kirk

How many  grandmothers do you know that can still turn heads in the streets? Yesterday, I came across a lovely article about 72-year-old  raw foodist, Mimi Kirk. She was named the Sexiest Vegetarian over 50 a couple of years ago. A grandmother of seven, she decided to become a vegetarian in her thirties and then in 2008 went raw and has stayed on the path. Mimi is the author of Live Raw, and remains incredibly vivacious through diet and positive energy. More power to Mimi, I’m coming for her title in a several decades!  Check out the videos and the article below. -XoXo Raw Girl


Raw Foodist 109 Years Old & Still Kickin’

Tomorrow, Wednesday January 25th 2012 @ 5pm EST, tune in to hear my interview with Bernando on Newd Radio! Just to refresh your memory, I thought I would repost this entry that features a video on Bernando. Anyone can listen via www.newdradio.com. It is a pre-recorded show, so any comments or questions can be directed to the Raw Girl Facebook page or to rawgirltoxicworld@gmail.com. My show Healthy Living in a Toxic World will only be airing for the next five weeks, so catch it while you can! -XoXo Raw Girl

Can you imagine turning one hundred and nine, and still functioning better than some people in their sixties and seventies? For Bernando LaPallo this is reality. Today I stumbled across several videos and the Fox News interview of him, just after his birthday and was astounded. The man not only still has his health and vigor in tact, (he has never had any terminal diseases or sicknesses that plague our aging population) he is also pursuing goals of authoring additional books and opening a restaurant.

Apparently he has been on a primarily raw diet since before it was even a fad, and continues to maintain a highly raw diet, only eating meat once a year. That, he says has been the key to his longevity. I found some videos of him on you tube showing his morning “superfood” smoothie that consisted of fruit, Echinacea extract, a superfood powder that he helped formulate with essential nutrients, and garlic. If this isn’t proof of how natural foods can enhance the quality of life, I don’t know what is. Check out Bernando’s interview below, it might give you some fuel to jump on the raw bandwagon. As for me, I’m on board for life.  -XoXo Raw Girl

For more on Bernando LaPallo and a link to his book, “Age Less, Live More”  check out his blog:


Anti-Aging SHE-RO # 7

Up until now, I have not had the pleasure of interviewing any of my Anti-Aging She-roes, simply because I don’t know them or have direct access to them. I am excited this week to highlight model Pat Evans, who’s fierce look caused quite a stir in the world of fashion, and who is still gorgeous, as she has aged gracefully.

During my time in undergraduate studies, I was a fashion design major, and made it my mission to also study the history of people of color in fashion. In fact, I wrote a thesis on just that, focusing on the time period between 1950 and 1980. The images that I came across of Pat, were inspiring to me, she had shaved her head completely bald and was incredibly stunning. Needless to say, it was a great honor and pleasure to interview her, she is a beautiful example and inspiration for all of us that we can create and uphold our own standards of beauty. -XoXo Raw Girl

What are the most important factors you believe can help with aging beautifully? Growing old is mandatory, acting your age is optional. I still play games with 4 yr old children! I’m very active and I don’t like to be what is called starched. I love laughter…it keeps me healthy and it is good for the spirit.

What is your skin care regimen like? I wash my face with facial gel and  then I rinse it thirty times with very warm water and after with cold water. I use a good moisturizer as well.

What is your exercise regimen like and do you think it plays any part in how great you look? I was a martial artist when I was in NYC, I studied Seido Karate, I was a dancer for a very long time, and now I am a lead dancer at Pow Wow. I am Nanticoke Lenape Native American.

Your look really took the modeling industry by storm in the late sixties, how did you manage to stick to your own perception of beauty despite naysayers and racial barriers? And I’m also curious to know…what in particular made you decide to shave off all your hair? Was it planned or a spontaneous decision? Racial Barriers sometimes can be people of color not accepting you. Some people have become hair worshipers and believe it holds their entire being. I’ve known women that would not go out if their hair did not look great. My thought was “What if there were no hair?” Hair is NOT your crowning glory.

How would you define natural beauty? Natural beauty is a great smile and a good heart and spirit.

What advice would you give to aspiring  models of color today? My advice to any model: KEEP YOUR MORALS.

Anti-Aging SHE-RO #6

About two weeks ago I caught a glimpse of the one and only Sade performing live on television, and I had to do a double take, because I thought perhaps it was old footage. Nope. It was definitely, 2010. She was singing her hit single “Soldier of Love” which I immediately added to my ipod after one listen. Sade is 51 years old, and seems to age like fine wine. The best part is that even though she looks like she could out-shimmy a lot of young girls, this woman still manages to create music that keeps her at the top of the charts without resorting to any of the tired age old tricks of skin baring and booty shaking. I have no idea what Sade’s diet is like, but she’s definitely got incredible genes. If you haven’t heard the album check it out: http://www.sade.com/us/home/– XoXo Raw Girl

Natural Beauty Highlight: Kompalya Thunderbird

Although she most recently  spent most of her time behind the scenes as a radio host, this foxy raw lady in her mid-thirties, still gets holla’d at on the street corners by twenty year olds. When I first met Kompalya years ago, I assumed we were the same age and was shocked to learn otherwise. I appreciated her positive energy, and she was among the fabulous raw foodies who inspired me to change my lifestyle. The best tip I got from her was reading African Holistic Health by Dr. Llaila Afrika. She said if you really want to go raw, read this book. It worked for me. After reading  it I immediately threw out things in my cabinets and started to detox. People thought I was crazy because I started to get paranoid about processed foods, and rightly so. Who wants to know that they are also consuming bleach and paint thinner when they eat their cottage cheese?  Ew. Anyhow, thankfully, this lovely lady has allowed me to interview her and find out how she stays healthy, young, and beautiful. – XoXo Raw Girl

How long have you been raw and/or vegan & what made you transition into eating raw? Are you 100% and if not, why not? What kind of detox process did you go through since starting on this path, ie: fasting, cleanses etc?
I have been raw for five years, it was a natural transition from eating vegan foods that began to stimulate indigestion.  I found raw foods tasty and fit my life style highly during my yoga training.  At that time I was training in Kemetic Yoga and one of the principles was eating more raw plant-based foods as those in times of Antiquity.  RAW foods have a long history that date back the long before the Americas.

I slowly began to comprehend the true Divine principles of Yoga and no longer wanted to consume food that was processed mainly for profit.  Also, an understanding of how the animal kingdom is being treated lead me to forsake meat all together.  The challenging part was to stop wearing our friends, ie, leather, suede etc…

During the first five years I was 100% raw, however due to heavy work demands within the artistic field I did begin to delve in to vegan food again.  I can honestly say it is very harsh on the body. Once you are raw for a long period of time your body chemistry begins to change the slightest in take of sugar made me sick!  My cells and organs could feel the difference and my immunity would weaken almost immediately after eating something processed.

I did not do a detox prior to becoming raw, before being raw I was vegan for 12 years. I felt no need for a harsh detox mainly due to the eating regime I follow. Such as, no eating after 6pm.  I will eat larger portions of food during the day before 3 PM.  I will take healing smoothies in the morning that consist of herbs and vitamins I need for the day.  Drink lots of water and stay away from junk.  I would do a liver flush once a month along with an enema if I felt the need for it.  I will also take my minerals since the soil is so depleted of it at this moment in our history.

What are some of the most immediate benefits: mental, physical, and/or spiritual you have received from changing your lifestyle?
The immediate benefits of being RAW (or vegan) is clarity of mind.  I found it easier to concentrate and stay focused.  I was no longer the angry woman filled with volatile emotions. I noticed an immediate change soon after I cut red meat from my diet.  My weight remained at a steady level for years before changing.  Sorry for any of the MEN reading, but my menstruation was no longer as painful and my moods swings left automatically, if like magic.  I noticed a serious difference in my choices in how I looked at myself and the world.

Do you supplement? And if so, what supplements do you take? I use supplements, at this time I take liquid vitamins from an organic company. I felt my energy level increase a lot after taking organic liquid vitamins.

What do you believe defines true beauty? I love this question!! Esosa thank you for asking women this question! To me the true definition of beauty is defined by the essence of our character the deeds we have done for others, the process in which we manifest our true divine selves in this world and how we reach to others.  We are all beautiful and no one culture holds the blue print to beauty.  We can all rest in the bosom of who we truly are when we reach into our wisdom pool and share it with the world.  True beauty to me is not in the cars we have, the homes we live in, but within the essence of our being! Allowing our inner light to match with the outer world we radiate in beauty.

What is your skin care regimen like? I have no skin care regime, never have never will. I drink lots of water, use natural soap or some times just tea tree oil and lemon mixed together.  Good skin comes from within.

What do you think is the most challenging part about maintaining a raw diet long-term? Have you found it difficult to interact socially: family and other relationships?
It is arduous to maintain a RAW life style long-term. My long-term stresses came from working long hours in the entertainment field and being surrounded by many who did not take health as seriously as I did.  This put a strain not only on my physical body, but in many of my work environments.  I was ostracized, made fun of, talked about and called names by many with whom I worked for and with.  Some tried to comprehend the lifestyle; others did all that I mentioned above.

I realized not everyone is meant to be RAW and at times it is best to tell others you are vegetarian, it eases peoples apprehensions and still allows you to be yourself.  The challenging part was not always having the time necessary to bring my own food to work, which left me at the whim of society. Cooked processed, non organic food.

Dating also became difficult, because many men I met felt they would lose their strength if they are on a complete RAW plant-based diet.  It also became apparent that a few would try to change my diet instead of understanding what the RAW living lifestyle truly is.

I do believe the world is changing for the better. Many people are awakening to the fact that food is a commodity and many corporations are not invested into our health, but profit.  We have to focus on the good changes and collaborate with those who are evolved on the path and those beginning the journey!

How important is your spiritual life & do you think that it has anything to do with your natural beauty & staying young? My spiritual path is important to me, it is like my older sister guiding me along my earth walk.  I am not sure if my spiritual path has anything to do with me staying beautiful or young.  I could be crippled and still be on a spiritual path.  I could be ugly and still be on a path.

Kompalya Thunderbird is a performing artist who has performed in England and in many Off- Broadway Productions in the NYC area.  Her talents in performance lead her to have a successful radio program on Progressive Radio Network for over two years.

Her successful radio program included an annual one month holistic health initiative. Which allowed many non-conventional doctors and holistic practitioners to give advice on natural remedies from colds to cancer.  Her healing practice in Reiki has allowed her to view dis-ease from a different perspective.  “Reiki practitioners have no doubt on the mind, body, soul connection to health and the amazing benefits of healing the energy field”.

Reiki works well in eliminating toxins in the body and in conjunction with regular medical practices. Kompalya has been practicing Reiki since 2003. If anyone is interested in further information on Reiki please contact Kompalya at reikiwisdom@gmail.com.

Anti-Aging SHE-RO #4

I actually don’t know exactly how old Lillian Butler is, but I know for a fact that for her age she looks incredible. The first photo on the left is of her at the age of 46, after adopting a raw diet! Below is a recent image of her and her husband.

When I first embarked on the idea of going raw, I took Lillian’s intro to raw crash course, which was extremely informative and gave me the tools to dive in.

Apparently, Lillian was a vegetarian for 10 years, but was not experiencing optimal health. After some time of incorporating more into her diet she decided to go raw, and sweetly enough, her husband Eddie Robinson (whose skin also glows like a light bulb!) joined her in beginning a new lifestyle. Together they opened a really lovely raw restaurant in the Bronx, Raw Soul, which also offers catering, meal delivery, and chef training. They have a wide range of INCREDIBLE desserts,  and the regular courses are yummy as well.

For more info about Raw Soul, visit www.rawsoul.com

Lillian Butler & her husband Eddie Robinson