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Juice! Lemon Asparagus Flusher & Benefits of the Aphrodisiac Asparagus

Got a little creative with the juice this morning. Had some asparagus and thought I’d throw it in my juice, and discovered afterwards that asparagus is great for detoxifying the body. Decided to make the juice with no apple, but it still had a refreshing mild taste and the lemon makes it more palatable.

Strangely enough this veggie is a member of the lily family. Due to its suggestive shape, it’s considered an aphrodisiac which can get you, um, a little excited to say the least as it increases libido. For all the grown folks check out my past post on raw aphrodisiacs if your naughty and want to eat something sexy. Besides its potential ability to leave you a little aroused, asparagus contain vitamin C, vitamin A (betacarotene), iron, potassium, manganese, selenium, fiber, protein, antioxidants, and is a particularly potent source of vitamin K which is necessary for the synthesis of a protein that strengthens your bone composition.

What makes asparagus great for detox is the fact that it is a natural diuretic, which means it promotes the formation of urine in the kidneys and helps to flush the body out. I combined this juice with cucumber and celery and lemon, which are all great additions that make this juice a great addition to a detox plan, or just on a regular day when your feeling up to it.  Asparagus also has a high amount of folate which is essential for pre-conception and early stages of pregnancy and can help to prevent birth defects, and contains inulin a compound that aids digestion and provides food for good bacteria in the body. Below is a nice summary of some additional benefits and the recipe for the juice. If you’re detoxing, need a boost to dull or acne prone skin, or juice want to try something new, I recommend juicing some asparagus. You can also of course eat asparagus steamed or raw. Whatever way you choose, I’m sure you’ll bring your sexy back, the veg way.  -XoXo Raw Girl 

Additional Benefits of Asparagus: 

  • Improves mood, fights depression
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Stimulates milk production in nursing mothers
  • Cleanses the body & aids in detoxification
  • Prevents kidney stones
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Stimulates hair growth (good superfood for hair loss)
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Reduces risk of heart disease
  • Energizes and helps with chronic fatigue

Lemon Asparagus Flusher

1 Lemon

7-9 stalks of Asparagus

1 whole head of celery

1 Long English Cucumber or 1 Regular Cucumbers

Juice all ingredients, strain, serve, enjoy! :)

Natural Cures: Diatemaceous Earth for Detox & Parasites

Diatemaceous Earth is an amazing substance I discovered through a girlfriend of mine who had some crazy run-ins with some bugs and needed something that would be quick, effective, and most importantly natural. This substance which is a mouthful to pronounce, is composed mainly of silica, occurs naturally, and is mined all over the world. Not only is DE good for killing pests such as fleas, ticks, roaches, and slugs (perfect as an organic pesticide), but its also extremely safe for human consumption and helps fight off parasitic infections, cleans the colon, and aids in overall detoxification of the body. Many bread manufacturers actually use DE in their products to prevent pests from eating them. One of the most amazing things about DE is how it actually works. On a microscopic level, DE has a honeycomb structure with razor sharp edges which gets caught into the exoskeleton of the pests and literally slices them up and dries them out. They are made of fossilized diatoms of prehistoric algae which look like cylinders. As these millions of cylinders move through the stomach and digestive tract, they attract and absorb fungi, protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, pesticides, drug residues, E.coli, and heavy metals. These are trapped inside the cylinder and passed out of the body.

DE is easily ground up into a fine powder very similar to talcum, and is usually simply taken with a glass of water. Now before you jump out of your seat to go and quickly purchase some (which is super affordable by the way) it is important to know that if you consume DE you MUST take FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth. There is also Industrial DE which is used mainly as a pool filter and has a more crystallized form of silica which you do NOT want to take. So FOOD GRADE not INDUSTRIAL…alright we get the picture. Anyways, food grade diatomaceous earth is composed of 80-90% Silica which is an important trace element that plays an important role in mineral absorption, as an antioxidant and is great for healthy skin, hair, and nails. And not only that, there are NO negative side effects. My girlfriend noticed after a month of taking one heaping tablespoon every morning that not only did she have increased energy levels but her nails were growing strong, and she was detoxing more heavily. It also helped with that bug problem too.

Diatemaceous Earth is one of those substances that is good for just about everything and has multiple uses for your body, around the house, and in the yard all at the same time. I’ve just purchased my own and I’m excited about it’s cleansing properties, which are useful this time of year. Silica is a trace element that is very important in preserving skin, bone, and cartilage health. DE is 80-90% silica which is what makes it such a great wound healer. If you happen to have any pets, you can also rub it on their fur to keep away any pests. Below is a brief outline on some more of the goodness Diatemaceous earth offers. Based on this list, you may agree it’s something worth trying. – XoXo Nicola, signing in for Raw Girl

● Assists in natural weight loss ● Stimulates metabolism ● Kills Parasites ● Aids healing of external wounds (sprinkle on top) ● Fights acne ● Cleans colon ● Kills household pests (fleas, ticks, bed bugs) ● Aids in calcium absorption (due to silica content) ● Lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol ● Relieves sore joints. ● Promotes healthier skin and hair● Promotes healthier teeth and gums, and harder nails. ● Helps to detox from mercury, viruses, drug residues and common causes of intestinal infections ● Fades age spots and prevents premature aging ● Raises energy levels ● Improves lung functioning

Surviving a Healing Crisis During Detox


Dearest Veggie Lovers: This is an article written by Nicola, a lovely new addition to the Raw Girl team. I think this is an important topic to discuss. If you’ve ever done a cleanse you should know all about healing crises. If you have not, I recommend you read this article and also check out a past post on How to Conduct a Stress-Free Fast to give you tips on minimizing intense reactions during cleansing. Hope you enjoy it, summer is here and it’s a great season to eat light and cleanse. Happy detoxing! -XoXo Raw Girl

Detoxification is a sacred practice which has been used by many people all over the world since the dawn of time. From a 10 day juice fast to 10 day water fast with cayenne pepper, lemon, and maple syrup (master cleanse) , to a 100% raw foods diet, cleansing is dynamic and diverse in its methods. Taking the time and exercising the discipline needed to cleanse can be a wildly rewarding experience for anyone willing to take on the challenge and can sometimes offer major spiritual transformation and discovery.
                     This article is not geared towards convincing you to embark on a fast or adopt a particular eating habit. This is intended as a tool for those who have taken up the challenge of cleansing and may have had trouble seeing it through. Or you may just be ready to take it to the next level. In all modes of detoxification, the cleanser will experience what is called a healing crisis. A healing crisis can be described as a variety of symptoms from migraines, irritable moods, intense cravings, strong emotional outbursts, reliving unpleasant memories, skin breakouts, frequent trips to the bathroom, etc. For many, this part of cleansing is a roadblock, because they may not be emotionally ready to deal with the many feelings that arise during this part of the cleansing process. This however, is a very important part of the process of purification and a great opportunity to bravely face many of the challenges that are buried deep within.
               What is taking place physiologically, is the body, efficient organism that it is, is taking full advantage of its fasting state and quickly dumping toxins that have been tucked away in the cells into the blood stream for excretion. These toxins have been in places that the body did not have the time to cleanse or excrete previously because of preoccupation digesting heavily cooked or other food. It is important that anyone that embarks on any extended fast or cleanse is made aware of the challenges that will arise because it will better equip them to be ready to deal with them instead of being surprised and more likely to retreat to old ways of living, thinking, and eating. The other side of the coin is, once the healing crisis is over its usually met with an increased sense of well-being, relief, and energy levels.
                  Some ways to manage the healing crisis when it is upon you, is to have positive affirmations on hand which speak to and magnify the experience you wish to have. For example : “I am strong enough, abundant enough, wise enough, to journey into the unknown.” Repeating this to yourself until you start to feel it can change your whole mind set.  A nice sea salt bath with aromatherapy oils, an emergency home enema, colon hydrotherapy, massaging yourself, getting a professional massage, doing light yoga, or just simply sitting with your feelings and breathing through them are all great methods for coping with the healing crisis. Once you are  in the throes of a crisis, whatever you do to aid the rate of your detoxification will help reduce the symptoms sooner. If you get a sudden craving for something you know you should not be eating, flooding the system with lots of water or freshly prepared juice can often offset the craving. Each person will have a unique way in which they deal with a healing crisis, its best to experiment and find out what works best for you. Sometimes it may be as simple as allowing yourself to cry and release old pent-up feelings that you never before were brave enough to allow through. Seeing the detoxification process through is a sacred process with the power to heal and change your life!
               We must remember that cleansing is a holistic practice which involves not only body, but mind AND spirit. As we are in the summer season, now is the best time to consider undergoing some sort of cleanse that is custom to your needs. This could be increasing your raw food consumption, and definitely increase your physical exercise. We must remember that we are the creators of our own life, and that every step we take to invest in our holistic wellness is a win-win situation for ourselves and for our world. Ultimately, remembering to be gentle and loving towards ourselves as we undergo our “internal housecleaning” is essential for our success. I can say that it has worked for me on many occasion during healing crises, however its an ongoing process and just as our health improves so must our creativity in maintaining it as well. EMBRACE YOUR PROCESS!  ~Nicola, Signing in for Raw Girl

How to Design Your Own Fast

“Fast and your light will break forth like morning…[and your] healing shall spring forth speedily.” – Isaiah 58: 6-11 

One of the coolest things I’ve ever learned about fasting I read in Gabriel Cousen’s book Spiritual Nutrition. He mentions that when you fast, your body turns on a “youthing gene,” and that it has been scientifically proven that our genes revert to an earlier expression of themselves when in fasting mode. In other words you begin to get younger, rather than older! Which is why long-term, adding the habit of regular fasting into your lifestyle literally adds years onto your life. Besides living longer, fasting, especially on fresh vegetable juices can speed your healing process, cleanse your body, boost your energy, revive your skin, and enhance your general joie de vivre.

You may be sold on the idea but have no idea where to start? No fear, it’s not as daunting as it seems. Most people like to have a program to follow and a schedule so they can stick to something and not fall off after one day of fasting. The first day and sometimes even the second can be the hardest. Preparation is definitely key when fasting, as well as motivation. You want to be clear on your motivation and fuel it, so that when the going gets rough you can stick with it to the finish line.

I fast for a number of reasons. Sometimes I feel like my skin is looking dull and I’ve had too much cooked food, so I’ll juice fast for a while to cleanse and get my vegan glow back, and other times it’s more of a spiritual thing. I’m sure that other avid fasters can attest to the fact that fasting can also put you in a heightened state of receptivity, and/or force you to listen and be more aware if you are seeking guidance on a major decision or waiting for something awesome to manifest in your life. There’s a reason so many spiritual leaders and sages have engaged in fasting. In the Bible alone there are several stories that are awesome commercials for fasting, from David to Jesus himself, which illustrate how fasting can unleash supernatural power.

There are plenty of fasts you can follow in books or even online, but I highly recommend creating something yourself that works for your personal goals. If you’ve never embarked on a fast I would recommend no more than three days. Also, be sure to consult with a doctor or holistic practitioner if you have any preexisting medical conditions. Below are five simple steps you can take to create your own fast. Hope this post is helpful, if you have more questions feel free to post or message me via Facebook-XoXo Raw Girl

  1. Find & fuel your motivation. Whether it be for cleansing/detox, clarity, spiritual insight etc. figure out your reason to begin. If you are doing longer fasts up to 10 days, you should be prepared with daily reading, quotes, or whatever works for you to keep you focused on your intention. If it’s a spiritual fast, or even if it is not, you may want to make time daily for prayer, meditation, or just reflection.
  2. Set the parameters.  Decide whether or not this is a 3 day fast or longer. Choose your method: are you fasting on green juices, veggie juices, water, raw foods? Fasting just means that you are committing to abstain from something. You could do a vegan fast or a raw fast. You could even be a meat eater who decides to abstain from meat for awhile. But for cleansing purposes if you want results, juice fasting with mostly if not all green vegetables is definitely the way to go.  If you are incorporating other sweet veggies like carrots and beets make sure you balance it by getting in some green juices daily as well. If you have a specific ailment you are nursing, you can actually look up recipes online or in holistic health books that will cater to that dis-ease. I don’t recommend you do a water fast unless it’s supervised. Make sure whatever method you use that you also consume large amounts of water during your fasting period. There is no set rule to how many juices you consume a day. Make sure you have enough on hand to get your fill. Some days you may need more juice than others. Go with the flow.
  3. Relax your schedule & plan ahead. Make sure you’ve got enough groceries and recipes for juices or whatever method of fast you choose. Even with die-hard commitment when the veggie hits the fan if you are juice fasting and can’t get your fix you may leave yourself vulnerable to eating other foods that happen to be around and breaking your fast the wrong way. Your fridge should be stocked with more than enough veggie ammo to survive your cravings. During this time respect your cleansing process and try to relax your schedule as much as possible. It’s possible to exercise while fasting, but for beginners and even veteran fasters, you may opt for much gentler workouts during your cleansing period. My favorite exercise while fasting (not exactly gentle) is hot yoga, because I get to sweat more toxins out.
  4. Commit to some sort of colon cleansing for the duration of the fast. This is a HUGE must. I recommend you also read my past post Tips For a Stress Free Fast which elaborates on this point even more. Fasting accelerates the bodies process of eliminating toxins, and if you do not support this process you could end up feeling sick during your fast. To avoid this you are going to need to incorporate enemas or colonics in your process. You will feel incredible if you do this. Some people say daily enemas, I say feel out your body and do what works for you, but do not skip this step.
  5. Have a plan for breaking the fast. Alright you made it to Day 3, and you are salivating because you want to bite something! Slow down. Make sure that you spend at least half of the time you fasted coming down off the fast. So for a three day, at least a day and a half coming down off the fast. Introduce solids very slowly. Veggie broths, fruit juices, and raw fruit can be great and not jarring. Eating things like nuts would throw your system into shock and may cause constipation so start with lighter foods.
** Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Listen to your body, consult w/ yr doc if need be, and take my advice at your own risk. Side effects may include general joie de vire, a spiritual awakening, or an increase in magnetism & overall sexiness.***
Check out this past post Tips for a Stress-Free Fast: http://rawgirltoxicworld.com/2009/11/18/tips-for-a-stress-free-fast/

Raw Girl’s 40 Day Kemetic Detox

“The body becomes what the foods are, as the spirit becomes what the thoughts are.” ~Ancient Egyptian Proverb

It’s that time of year again! 2012 is swiftly approaching and the season of new resolutions, intentions, and gift-giving is upon us. Why not bring in this new season by giving yourself the gift of a cleanse? About three years ago I started the ritual of fasting in the New Year. One year it was a 10 Day all vegetable juice fast, another it was 3 Day. This year, I am upping the ante and committing to 40 Days of “fasting” or what I will call my Kemetic Detox. Just in case you don’t know what “kemetic” means, Ancient Egypt was also called “Kemet”, “Land of Blackness”, or “Land of the Burnt People” (referring to the dark skin tone of the Ancient Egyptians). The term “kemetic” can be used to describe anything related to that ancient culture/lifestyle. Why 40 Days? First off, because it is exactly the amount of time leading up to my one woman show, Hatshepsut, about the first female pharaoh, and secondly because many people in the Bible fasted for 40 Days. This fast or detox is designed to rigorously impact me mentally, spiritually, and physically.

The ancient Egyptians had a diet that was incredibly pure and complimented that diet with regular yoga, meditation, working with crystals and essential oils to maintain high vibrations. So I am incorporating all of these principles into my detox. Diet-wise I will be juicing some, and eating raw: salads, smoothies etc. For spirit I am going to get my regular meditation on and do hot yoga—which will also help with detoxing the body. To assist the cleansing process will be take weekly enemas and salt baths. Some of you may be reading this and thinking to yourself that it all sounds groovy but you don’t feel you have the time or energy to invest in some sort of cleanse. In my next post, I’ll go in depth about why you should even bother considering a cleanse.

Check out my regimen and today’s shopping list below and feel free to join me for part or all of my detox! Remember that we are all unique human beings and have differing levels of imbalance on the body, mind, and soul level. So, if you chose to do a cleanse, do you and make it your own! -XoXo Raw Girl

Kemetic Detox Guidlines 

  1. 30 minutes to 1 hour minimum of meditation daily
  2. 2-3 salt water baths per week
  3. Daily yoga, hot yoga 2x per week
  4. High alkaline/raw vegan diet (Organic fruits, vegetables, soaked nuts, sprouted grains)
  5. Enema/colonic as needed at least 1 per week
  6. Bentonite Clay mask once a week, daily use of coconut oil, almond oil, and essential oils on skin
  7. Follow the 42 Precepts of Maat (almost like the 10 commandments)

My Shopping List (what I bought today to get started)

  1. 2 bunches of Lacinato Kale, 1 bunch regular kale
  2. Box of organic baby arugula
  3. 4 young Thai coconuts
  4. 4 apples
  5. bag of organic lemons
  6. 3 stalks of ginger
  7. bag of organic avocados
  8. Kombucha
  9. 6 gallons purified water
  10. organic nori sheets
  11. Bag of Organic Carrots
  12. Celery (2)
  13. dandelion root
  14. 2 cucumbers
  15. Things I have at home that I will use: red and yellow bell peppers, Braggs Amino Acids, Nutritional Yeast, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dulse Flakes, Sea Salt, Raw Almonds, Raw Pecans, Beets, Garlic

How to Make a Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon Mojito

Today is Day 3; the last day of this watermelon fast is finally here! Last night I got creative and concocted a watermelon mojito. This morning I continued to be inspired and whipped up an equally refreshing blend of watermelon, lemon juice, with a hint of cilantro. I feel like this fast is turning me into a watermelon bartender! Feeling good today, glad to be coming down of the fast tomorrow because I have an acting gig and need to keep my energy up on set. As promised here’s the recipe for the mojito. I’m going to try the watermelon soup from my last post tomorrow and see if it’s any good, will report back. Beginning tomorrow, my infatuation with all things watermelon is going to end for a little while. – XoXo Raw Girl

Watermelon Mojito

4-5 cups chopped watermelon

1/2 lime juiced (use the whole thing if you want it tangier)

2 – 3 sprigs of fresh mint

1 teaspoon grated ginger

Blend & enjoy!

How Many Ways Can You Eat a Watermelon?

Watermelon Soup

It’s Day 2 of the Watermelon Fast. W-Day number one has come and gone, and I have nothing on my mind but watermelon so I figured I might as well blog about it.  If you are on the Watermelon fast journey now or if you plan to attempt it later, you may ask yourself: how many ways can you eat a watermelon? I decided to research some recipe combinations that may add just a little bit of variety to the watermelon fast. Two have cucumber or cucumber juice incorporated, so that may be cheating. Might save the watermelon soup for Thursday when I am coming down off the fast. I plan to spice it up tonight and make a smoothie with watermelon, lime, and mint! Bring on Day 3, I’m ready. Are you with me? -XoXo Raw Girl

Watermelon Slushy

  • Watermelon Slushy -watermelon, ice cubes, lime juice. Blend!
  • Watermelon Soup – 3 cups watermelon, 1/2 lime juiced, 1/4 cup cilantro, 1 small cucumber diced. Blend!
  • Watermelon Smoothie – watermelon, fresh mint, lemon juice, ginger. Blend!
  • Watermelon Juice – watermelon, cucumber, lime. Juice!

Wise Ones on The Benefits of Fasting


Today is the last Day of my Fast/Spring Cleaning, and I went searching for some inspiration. Below are some quotes on fasting and it’s benefits. Next week I will share a blow-by-blow breakdown of my Spring Cleaning. Taking a Raw Girl Vacay weekend  and will be back on Monday, refreshed from Spring Cleaning and ready to add more fuel to your raw fire.

-XoXo Raw Girl

“Fasting is an effective and safe method of detoxifying the body…a technique that wise men have used for centuries to heal the sick. Fast regularly and help the body heal itself and stay well. Give all of your organs a rest. Fasting can help reverse the aging process, and if we use it correctly, we will live longer, happier lives.” ~James Balch, M.D.

“Fasting cleanses the soul, raises the mind, subjects one’s flesh to the spirit, renders the heart contrite and humble, scatters the clouds of concupiscence, quenches the fire of lust, and kindles the true light of chastity. Enter again into yourself.” ~Saint Augustine

“Renew yourselves and fast, for I tell you truly that Satan and his plagues may only be cast out by fasting and by prayer. Go by yourself and fast alone, and show your fasting to no man. The living God shall see it, and great shall be your reward. And fast till Beelzebub and all his evils depart from you, and all the angels of our Earthly Mother come and serve you. For I tell you truly, except you fast, you shall never be freed from the power of Satan and from all diseases that come from Satan. Fast and pray fervently, seeking the power of the living God for your healing. While you fast, eschew the Sons of Men and seek our Earthly Mother’s angels, for he that seeks shall find.” ~Jesus Christ “Essene Gospel of Peace”

“There is both a physical and a spiritual fast. In the physical fast, the body abstains from food and drink. In the spiritual fast, the faster abstains from evil intentions, words and deeds. One who truly fasts abstains from anger, rage, malice, and vengeance. One who truly fasts abstains from idle and foul talk, empty rhetoric, slander, condemnation, flattery, lying and all manner of spiteful talk. In a word, a real faster is one who withdraws from all evil.” – “As much as you subtract from the body, so much will you add to the strength of the soul.” – “By fasting, it is possible both to be delivered from future evils, and to enjoy the good things to come. We fell into disease through sin; let us receive healing through repentance, which is not fruitful without fasting.” ~Saint Basil

“Juice fasting is, without any doubt, the most effective biological method of treatment. It is the ‘operation without surgery.’ It is a cure involving exudation, reattunement, redirection, loosening up and purified relaxation. While fasting, the patient improves her or his physical health and gains much, but he or she will have neglected the most important thing if the hunger for spiritual nourishment that manifests itself during fasting is not satisfied. When the body fasts, the soul is hungry.” ~Otto Buchinger, Sr., M.D.

“If a person makes fasting part of her or his life, s/he’ll experience a heightened spiritual awareness. By taking a long fast or two, and then fasting one day a week, s/he’ll gradually find a growing peace and personal integration. America badly needs to go on a diet. It should do something drastic about excessive, unattractive, life-threatening fat. It should get rid of it in the quickest possible way, and this is by fasting.”~Allan Cott, M.D.

“True happiness is impossible without true health. True health is impossible without the rigid control of the palate.” – “A complete fast is a complete and literal denial of self. It is the truest prayer.” – “A genuine fast cleanses the body, mind and soul. It crucifies the flesh and, to that extent, sets the soul free.” – “What the eyes are for the outer world, fasts are for the inner.” – “My religion teaches me that whenever there is distress which one cannot remove, one must fast and pray.” – Fasting will bring spiritual rebirth to those of you who cleanse and purify your bodies. The light of the world will illuminate within you when you fast and purify yourself.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

Natural Beauty Highlight: Nia Reid

In this Natural Beauty Highlight I chose to feature model Nia Reid, a colleague  who could almost be one of my anti-aging she-roes, but she’s too young. If you knew her real age, you would understand where I’m coming from because you probably guessed she was in her early twenties, maybe younger. Sorry, think again. I thought of Nia because in the past we have had extensive conversations about health, and she does regularly incorporate raw foods and cleansing to optimize her beauty and well-being. – XoXo Raw Girl

Are you raw and/or vegan &  if so what made you transition into eating raw/vegan? No, I am not 100% raw or vegan. I try to do about 40% raw 60% cooked and if I have cooked food and nothing raw with it, I take vegan enzyme supplements that break the cooked food down and send it to the right places in my body.

What kind of regular detox or cleansing do you do if any? Every once and a while, I will either do the master cleanse for a couple of days or some form of juicing. Usually the beginning of Spring ( I take spring cleaning literally!) Or when I feel like I have been eating something not good etc… It just depends.

What are some of the most immediate benefits you experienced: mental, physical, and/or spiritual you have received from changing your lifestyle to a healthier one?

The benefits I feel from changing my lifestyle to a healthier one or rather just living a healthier lifestyle are: My skin is nice, beautiful, and supple. I heal a lot faster, my hair is healthy and grows faster. I don’t really feel weighed down by what I eat cause I make a conscious decision to eat only what’s good for my body. Even if I must have something sweet, I make sure that its real chocolate or healthier sweets (if there is such a thing!) that won’t do damage and I will eat it in moderation. Also, just in general, I feel ALIVE, like my cells are being fed by eating healthier.


Do you supplement? And if so, what supplements do you take?
I have protein/fruit shakes in the morning and I take folic acid vitamins, natural enzymes, and liquid chlorophyll.

What do you believe defines true beauty?….And how do you personally maintain a positive self-image and concept of beauty while working in the modeling industry?
Not to sound like an after school special but what I define as true beauty is how you feel within. If you truly tap into the beauty inside, it has no other escape but out. True beauty radiates outward coming from the source of something beautiful within. I choose to maintain this concept dealing in the modeling industry, where surface is everything; but it’s only possible because I know who Nia is. Meaning I am concerned with being the best Nia I can be. There is no competition, even if there are like fifty or more girls at a casting. If they want me, then they want me and I am hired for the job. It has nothing to do with the other girls there. I look at them as company to speak to while I am auditioning!

What is your skin care regimen like?
My skin care regimen consists of me using a natural astringent, then washing my face with a natural soap and heavy moisturizer. Especially at night because as we age, we tend to lose the fatty lipids in our skin that help keep our skin supple and hydrated when we are young, which gives off that natural glow look. So as we age, it’s important to pack on the moisture at night where our skin can absorb it and keep hydrated.

How important is your spiritual life & do you think that it has anything to do with your natural beauty & staying young?
I definitely feel like having a spiritual foundation adds years on your life and keeps you youthful as you age. Feeling full of love, life, God, etc… whatever or whomever you want to salute keeps you focused on the inside instead of the outside. And if you focus on spreading love and happiness to others and being spiritually grounded within, there is no way that it will not radiate outward as unbelievably beautiful. I guess that’s the feeling people get when they sometimes meet people who have that inner glow–it’s almost like an aura  follows them and other people  pick up on that vibration.

What do you do for a living and what drives you? I am currently a working model and enjoy spreading my love and knowledge of the industry. What I offer to aspiring models is an inside look at a working models life,  and tips on how to break in and make a successful career. I’m also in the process of writing my first book about my experiences as a model to help others as they build their careers, and will soon have my own blog on word press. In addition, I am conscious of the environment, preserving the planet, and choose to use natural beauty products–hair and skin care–that I make myself at home.  Last but not least, I have also started a clothing line with the mantra “Fashion made simple.” Any woman could wear my clothes and go from day to evening simply and always be fashionably chic! Look and feel good.

Natural Beauty Highlight: Kompalya Thunderbird

Although she most recently  spent most of her time behind the scenes as a radio host, this foxy raw lady in her mid-thirties, still gets holla’d at on the street corners by twenty year olds. When I first met Kompalya years ago, I assumed we were the same age and was shocked to learn otherwise. I appreciated her positive energy, and she was among the fabulous raw foodies who inspired me to change my lifestyle. The best tip I got from her was reading African Holistic Health by Dr. Llaila Afrika. She said if you really want to go raw, read this book. It worked for me. After reading  it I immediately threw out things in my cabinets and started to detox. People thought I was crazy because I started to get paranoid about processed foods, and rightly so. Who wants to know that they are also consuming bleach and paint thinner when they eat their cottage cheese?  Ew. Anyhow, thankfully, this lovely lady has allowed me to interview her and find out how she stays healthy, young, and beautiful. – XoXo Raw Girl

How long have you been raw and/or vegan & what made you transition into eating raw? Are you 100% and if not, why not? What kind of detox process did you go through since starting on this path, ie: fasting, cleanses etc?
I have been raw for five years, it was a natural transition from eating vegan foods that began to stimulate indigestion.  I found raw foods tasty and fit my life style highly during my yoga training.  At that time I was training in Kemetic Yoga and one of the principles was eating more raw plant-based foods as those in times of Antiquity.  RAW foods have a long history that date back the long before the Americas.

I slowly began to comprehend the true Divine principles of Yoga and no longer wanted to consume food that was processed mainly for profit.  Also, an understanding of how the animal kingdom is being treated lead me to forsake meat all together.  The challenging part was to stop wearing our friends, ie, leather, suede etc…

During the first five years I was 100% raw, however due to heavy work demands within the artistic field I did begin to delve in to vegan food again.  I can honestly say it is very harsh on the body. Once you are raw for a long period of time your body chemistry begins to change the slightest in take of sugar made me sick!  My cells and organs could feel the difference and my immunity would weaken almost immediately after eating something processed.

I did not do a detox prior to becoming raw, before being raw I was vegan for 12 years. I felt no need for a harsh detox mainly due to the eating regime I follow. Such as, no eating after 6pm.  I will eat larger portions of food during the day before 3 PM.  I will take healing smoothies in the morning that consist of herbs and vitamins I need for the day.  Drink lots of water and stay away from junk.  I would do a liver flush once a month along with an enema if I felt the need for it.  I will also take my minerals since the soil is so depleted of it at this moment in our history.

What are some of the most immediate benefits: mental, physical, and/or spiritual you have received from changing your lifestyle?
The immediate benefits of being RAW (or vegan) is clarity of mind.  I found it easier to concentrate and stay focused.  I was no longer the angry woman filled with volatile emotions. I noticed an immediate change soon after I cut red meat from my diet.  My weight remained at a steady level for years before changing.  Sorry for any of the MEN reading, but my menstruation was no longer as painful and my moods swings left automatically, if like magic.  I noticed a serious difference in my choices in how I looked at myself and the world.

Do you supplement? And if so, what supplements do you take? I use supplements, at this time I take liquid vitamins from an organic company. I felt my energy level increase a lot after taking organic liquid vitamins.

What do you believe defines true beauty? I love this question!! Esosa thank you for asking women this question! To me the true definition of beauty is defined by the essence of our character the deeds we have done for others, the process in which we manifest our true divine selves in this world and how we reach to others.  We are all beautiful and no one culture holds the blue print to beauty.  We can all rest in the bosom of who we truly are when we reach into our wisdom pool and share it with the world.  True beauty to me is not in the cars we have, the homes we live in, but within the essence of our being! Allowing our inner light to match with the outer world we radiate in beauty.

What is your skin care regimen like? I have no skin care regime, never have never will. I drink lots of water, use natural soap or some times just tea tree oil and lemon mixed together.  Good skin comes from within.

What do you think is the most challenging part about maintaining a raw diet long-term? Have you found it difficult to interact socially: family and other relationships?
It is arduous to maintain a RAW life style long-term. My long-term stresses came from working long hours in the entertainment field and being surrounded by many who did not take health as seriously as I did.  This put a strain not only on my physical body, but in many of my work environments.  I was ostracized, made fun of, talked about and called names by many with whom I worked for and with.  Some tried to comprehend the lifestyle; others did all that I mentioned above.

I realized not everyone is meant to be RAW and at times it is best to tell others you are vegetarian, it eases peoples apprehensions and still allows you to be yourself.  The challenging part was not always having the time necessary to bring my own food to work, which left me at the whim of society. Cooked processed, non organic food.

Dating also became difficult, because many men I met felt they would lose their strength if they are on a complete RAW plant-based diet.  It also became apparent that a few would try to change my diet instead of understanding what the RAW living lifestyle truly is.

I do believe the world is changing for the better. Many people are awakening to the fact that food is a commodity and many corporations are not invested into our health, but profit.  We have to focus on the good changes and collaborate with those who are evolved on the path and those beginning the journey!

How important is your spiritual life & do you think that it has anything to do with your natural beauty & staying young? My spiritual path is important to me, it is like my older sister guiding me along my earth walk.  I am not sure if my spiritual path has anything to do with me staying beautiful or young.  I could be crippled and still be on a spiritual path.  I could be ugly and still be on a path.

Kompalya Thunderbird is a performing artist who has performed in England and in many Off- Broadway Productions in the NYC area.  Her talents in performance lead her to have a successful radio program on Progressive Radio Network for over two years.

Her successful radio program included an annual one month holistic health initiative. Which allowed many non-conventional doctors and holistic practitioners to give advice on natural remedies from colds to cancer.  Her healing practice in Reiki has allowed her to view dis-ease from a different perspective.  “Reiki practitioners have no doubt on the mind, body, soul connection to health and the amazing benefits of healing the energy field”.

Reiki works well in eliminating toxins in the body and in conjunction with regular medical practices. Kompalya has been practicing Reiki since 2003. If anyone is interested in further information on Reiki please contact Kompalya at reikiwisdom@gmail.com.