The Raw Girl Team

GOT VEG AUTHOR PHOTOName: Esosa E  (A.K.A. Raw Girl)

Role: Creator

My Mission: Raw Vegan superhero determined to save this toxic world, one vegan tip at a time.

Description: Raw Vegan Lover, 5’10” tall, slim build, seeking readers looking for yummy recipes, insights, inspiration, & raw pillow talk. That’s right, I definitely sweet talk my veggies. 

Bio: Esosa E. also known as “Raw Girl” is a holistic lifestyle expert whose personal health crises and battle with acne led her to change her lifestyle and begin avid studies of holistic health. Following the inner yearning to share her vegan lifestyle of over ten years, Esosa created Raw Girl in a Toxic World, where her writing about a range of health topics has been published online. Outside of her passion for health, Esosa is an award winning producer, actress, model, and fashion designer. Her mission as “Raw Girl” is to make a plant-based lifestyle accessible to anyone interested in achieving optimal health. For more about her overall adventures as a creative entrepreneur visit her personal website

 RaigonName: Raigon (A.K.A. “Rai”)

Role: Social Media Assistant/Contributor

My Mission: Keep you up to date on all of Raw Girl’s food ventures; promoting nourishing foods to heal this toxic world.

Description: 5’5”, master of cooking in a tiny dorm kitchen, currently obsessed with orange foods.

Bio: Raigon is a dietetics student at Howard University. She’s followed a plant based diet for a majority of her life, and loves cooking nutritious meals that highlight real, quality ingredients. When she’s not studying, or eating, Raigon writes about food and wellness for Spoon University and right here on the Raw Girl blog.