Healthy Action of the Week: Get Yo Greens In!


Every day this week try to incorporate fresh organic green vegetables in at least one meal. Your body will thank you. -Xo Raw Girl  Some benefits of chlorophyll found in green vegetables include: Increases the functioning of the heart Improves the health … Continue reading

The Skinny on B Vitamins


We’ve all heard about RDA or recommended daily allowance for vitamins and minerals that are set by the Food and Drug Nutrition Board and give us the estimated minimal amount that people need to consume in order to avoid deficiencies. … Continue reading

Recipe! Deliciously Dope Coconut Turmeric Milk Smoothie


Have you ever tried turmeric milk or “golden milk”? There are many variations and more people seem to be catching on to this awesome drink due to the amazing benefits of turmeric. Not only is turmeric high in antioxidants and … Continue reading