Daily On-The-Go Meditations with Shine!


For years I’ve been a mediation and mindfulness junkie. It’s safe to say that mindfulness techniques have changed my life and allowed me to deal with stress in a more productive manner. So when I was asked to be a … Continue reading

3 Tips to Maximize Your Nutrition for Intense Training


Anyone out there getting a jumpstart on 2018 fitness goals? Starting last week, I’ve been up  daily at the crack to move my body for Bootcamp at Core Power Yoga. I signed up to get my mind and body focused and ready … Continue reading

The Acne-Free Diet on Virginia This Morning!


Look ma, I’m on TV again! I had such a blast filming another health segment for Virginia This Morning. This time our chat was focused on my book The Acne-Free Diet  and how to heal acne from the inside out. The … Continue reading