The Buck Stops Here: GMO Salmon Approved by the FDA?

Ever since the gulf oil spill debacle, I have been making a running joke that pescatarians will soon be extinct. To top it off, shortly after the oil spill fish from those waters was deemed as safe for consumption. You got to be kidding me! So you can imagine my outrage when I was riding into Georgetown last week and heard a program on NPR discussing the possibility that the FDA may approve genetically modified Salmon that grows to market size in 16 to 18 months versus the normal cycle of three years. In order to make this happen the fish is inserted with two genes, one of which is a growth hormone. The FDA, who I am now sure is a gang of food science gangsters determined to jeopardize the health of Americans by any means necessary, apparently “gave AquaBounty Technologies a thumbs-up,” and came to the conclusion that eating freakishly grown salmon pumped with growth hormone was safe. 

As of this week, AquaBounty Technologies has begun producing this GMO salmon in Panama. My hope is that the salmon will be properly labeled to alert consumers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the FDA gives the company a loophole to squirm out of that commitment that would at least allow consumers to make a choice as to what kind of salmon they want to consume. Apparently some scientists have adamantly warned against this, and also declared that consumption of this fish could exacerbate allergies present in certain consumers.  My sentiments are very clear on this issue, but as I hear news of more and more disruptions of nature’s cycle I keep wondering: where does the buck stop?

To listen to the program on NPR visit this link:

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  1. Wow! Thanks for openning yet another topic of interest to be discussed and also for the WARNING! Have you received any dialogue from the company? (AquaBounty)

    • Hi Francis: No I haven’t been in contact with them. I have no idea what one would say. Something to the effect of PLEASE STOP NOW? Lol. At this point they have the go ahead from the FDA to start production of these fish…if the public caught on prior to the approval, perhaps some sort of campaign could have been started. Its really a shame, how little by little they are quietly eroding natural food sources! I am totally on alert and will continue to pass it on. -XoXo Raw Girl

  2. Hi! Thanx for your response. Too bad!! as you have indicated, the only other recourse is making the public aware!! You are already doing your part, and I will do mine through my media resources.
    Keep up the wonderful work you do to try and save our beautiful home, the earth!!

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