The Healing Benefits of Water Fasting

Finding the Best Quality WaterDuring the month of August my fasting regimen went to another level.  If you follow this blog by now you know I am a big fan of fasting on fresh vegetable juices which immediately boosts your complexion, rids the body of excess toxins, and can in general give you your groove back. Well, last month was the first time I tried water fasting. Which consists of drinking, you got it, only water all day. I actually chose to drink both coconut water and water and conducted the fasts for no more than three days at a time. Water fasting to me always seemed too extreme, as it does require more of a slow down in your normal activities. With any fast you should slow down if not eliminate all of your hectic schedule so that you actually have time to go within and rest. This need increases tenfold with a water fast, because the healing reactions can be more aggressive, or you may feel fatigued as the body goes into fasting mode. Water fasting for longer periods like 14-40 Days should never be conducted alone; there are facilities that you can enter to go through those longer term fasts in which doctors will monitor your levels throughout and you will be in an atmosphere of complete rest. Many ailments have been reversed with these longer water fasts, simple because they body got an opportunity to reset. For more on this check out the interview at the end of this post, which features two doctors who promote water fasting for health and have healed numerous conditions in their facilities. Some benefits of water fasting include:

  • Physical and spiritual healing
  • Detox, eliminates toxins from organs, skin, glands
  • Strengthens immune system because of break from food; restores stronger immune response
  • Scientifically proven to increase lifespan; studies have shown that restricted diets lead to a longer life
  • Prevents the onset of degenerative mental diseases
  • Improves brain f(x), mental clarity, and ability to focus
  • Induces an anti-inflammatory response that helps to heal arthritis in muscles, joints
  • Ancient tradition that has healing minor health issues along with more serious chronic ailments
  • Increases metabolism; promotes weight loss
  • Drastically improves mind over body will power; and portion control
  • Increases energy in some cases as energy is diverted from digestive process
  • Deepens connection with spirit and nature

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