The Miracle Mask That Healed My Skin

healingHere we are at the end of 2016. I’m aware it’s been too long since I’ve shared here on the blog. Much love and appreciation to all of you who have subscribed and purchased books this year. I’m back just in time for the holidays and I have a whopper of a story to share as you can probably tell from the photo!

About a week ago on Monday, December 28th, I came home to my apartment in LA absolutely exhausted. I was that kind of tired that it is borderline drunk. I don’t even remember when exactly I fell asleep. At 5 AM the next morning, I shot out of bed and my face felt like it was throbbing! I ran into my bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t help but let out a shriek. Staring into my reflection I saw that an area on my cheek was inflamed, swollen and BURNED. After staring, shrieking, pacing, and then catching my breath I realized that somewhere in between my bathroom and my bed the night before I fell asleep with a product from Keihl’s called “Deep Pore Cleanser” on my face.

Then the rage bubbled up slowly. How could it be that a product that is supposed to cleanse my skin could burn my face?!! I called a dear friend who is an eco-esthetician and she schooled me like I school people on the dangers fast food. “Those products are totally toxic, you have to stop using them immediately.” She then mentioned that ever since Keihls was bought out by L’Oreal that there was no real guarantee that the products had truly natural ingredients. I couldn’t help but think: I’m supposed to know this! Even though I’d made a huge effort to buy only vegan makeup brands, and change my beauty products, as I stood there with the burn on my face I was aware that I needed to do much better. That I would do better. Once I healed the burn on my face.

Fast forward to Thursday. I woke up, and yes the burn was still there and it was creepier looking than ever, check the picture above. I had a red carpet event on Saturday, and I was supposed to be leaving to travel to New York the next day to make it in time. I was contemplating canceling my trip because I was 1) worried about being Scar Face  on the red carpet, and 2) I didn’t feel like putting makeup over the scar in case it would aggravate it. In a fit of frustration, I  had a little deja vu moment as I threw out of the Keihl’s products in my possession.  This feeling was all too familiar. I remembered how horrible my skin was when my acne was at the height of cray cray. After tossing out all of my beauty products I realized I would need something to replace them with! So I called an awesome store in West Hollywood called Green Line Beauty that sells only organic, natural, and vegan beauty products. The owner wasn’t in but the lovely woman I got on the phone with calmed me down. “The body is a miracle,” she said. “It really does have the power to heal itself. You will heal.” She went on to say please don’t stress because freaking out will only impair my bodies’ natural immunity.

I got off the phone with my eco-beauty guardian angel for the day and took a deep breath. She’s right, I thought. Years ago I healed my skin of crazy acne and scarring all over my face. This little ScarFace burn hasn’t got anything on my healing mojo. It was a done deal at that point, I made up my mind that it would heal miraculously and that whatever I needed to use to facilitate the process would show up. And then of course what happen next was a bloody miracle. I went to my local natural grocery store and was led to the herb section by my favorite store clerk who suggested I make a natural mask. Twenty minutes later I left with herbs in tow excited to attempt to create a healing concoction in my kitchen.

What resulted is a mason jar full of goodies I’m calling Raw Girl’s Heal & Glow Face Mask. Not only did my inflammation go down to a scab in a day, in two days it literally peeled off and is now completely gone! Guys, I’m really exited about my mask not only for generally skin healing but for dark spots from acne scarring, general natural glow and more. So I’ve decided to experiment with my blend this month on a few friends and family member guinea pigs who are dealing with skin issues or just want a beauty boost.

I am now taking orders for only up to 50 jars of the mask to start. I won’t sell more than the first 50 because I want to ensure everyone has an awesome experience with it. All orders filled over the holidays will be shipped out priority on January 8th, 2017, and if you send in a review you will receive 25% off a reorder. I’m selling the mask for $35 bucks and it’s MASON JAR SIZE! I want to make sure that you will get as much value as possible. Will upload photos soon. For now, I have not included any stabilizers so it’s natural enough that you could technically eat it and be okay. CLICK HERE  to read more about it and order or click the graphic below. For now only taking fifty orders within the U.S. Would so love your support! Will be exciting to hear that many others are healed miraculously just like I was, or at the very least are basking in their new found glow.

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and burn-free holiday season.

-XO Raw Girl


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  1. Carla says:

    I hope I’m one of the 50. ☺️ I have scarring from acne that I’d love to say goodbye to.

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