Coffee Enemas to Clear Skin, Get Rid of Parasites, & Heal Disease!


***Disclaimer: This post is not designed to offer medical advice, I am not a medical doctor. Although I am soon to be a Holistic Nutritionist, you should check with your doctor before heeding any advice or tips in this post. This is not an attempt to market any product.*** Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let me tell you about my most recent health obsession: coffee enemas. I have heard about people doing them, and always felt it was a bit extreme. Like really? Inserting a Starbucks latte up my rear end is going to make my skin glow or get rid of parasites? Recently my colon hydrotherapist asked if I would like to take one. Since then, I’ve been hooked and fascinated by the number of people who have joined #teamcoffeeenema and are experiencing astounding results. Now before you get all in your feelings about how gross that sounds, let me break down a bit of the history around them.

Coffee enemas have been practiced as far back as Ancient Egypt, where Pharaoh’s had special “colon doctors” who would ensure their colons were clean as they were aware of how important colon cleansing was for health. Fast forward to 1924 when Dr. Gerson, a German born American physician and health pioneer was able to cure migraines, cancer, skin tuberculosis, and literally a laundry list of conditions using his program which included detox of the body using the coffee enema. He discovered that coffee when taken into the body rectally and held for up to 15 minutes, forced the liver to release pent up toxins in the body. Combining the coffee enema with fresh organic vegetable juices and a primarily vegetarian diet, he was able to heal cancer patients. In fact, the US Government was very close to passing a bill that would provide full support for his cure for cancer, when pharmaceutical companies sabotaged it. There was even a reporter who did a lengthy segment on Dr. Gerson’s claim on ABC, who was fired, after pharma companies withdrew millions of dollars of support from ABC. So as you can see, greed and the bottom line prevailed, leaving us in these modern times to resort to prescriptions and chemo, when there is a viable alternative that has proven results to completely heal the body. Just a note, coffee enemas are just one aspect of Gerson’s therapy that offer health benefits. If you are interested in following the full protocol, there are many resources online and elsewhere.

To take a coffee enema you use organic coffee in purified water with no additives at room or body temperature. You need 2-3 Tablespoons of ground, organic light roast cofeee boiled for 15 minutes and strained of any grinds. You add water and ensure that the temperature is cool enough for the body to take in. No scalding your booty with hot coffee! It’s a good idea to take them first thing in the morning and flush your system out first with a water enema. Word of warning: don’t go HAM. Pace yourself, and try one or two enemas a week max to see how you feel. Some people get gung ho and and one a day, but you don’t want to overdo it unless your body is super toxic. Experiment and listen to your body. If you still think I’ve lost my mind and prefer to stick to good old water enemas only I understand. As many people say they have had incredible healing experiences, there are always natural healing naysayers who believe that they are dangerous to your health. And of course propaganda planted from companies’ who would rather see you spend your hard earned money on medication. Check out the videos below and do some research for yourself about the countless people who have lost weight, gotten rid of parasites, cleared hormonal acne, cured their cancer, dissolved tumors, healed eczema and more, and you might think twice about making a coffee run. XO Raw Girl

This next video is really long, but really great and goes in depth on the history and results achieved by coffee enemas. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, skip ahead to 1:19 and watch for 5-10 minutes to see some of the results achieved by people who have taken coffee enemas regularly. 

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