Things You Should Know About Taking Vitamin C

israel-egio-51174Vitamin C is not only necessary to boost your immunity it’s also essential for beauty as it supports the production of collagen. Anyone else trying to avoid Botox? If so, Vitamin C is your friend. Below are a few additional things to know when choosing to supplement Vitamin C.

  • Generally there is no difference in the bioavailability of synthetic vs. non-synthetic vitamin C; but research has shown that the bioavailability from natural sources with flavonoids may have greater bioavailability than synthetic forms.
  • Vitamin C may increase the absorption of aluminum
  • Vitamin C enhances the bodies’ absorption of non-heme iron
  • Quercitin and rutin have been shown to inhibit the oxidation of vitamin C in vitro.
  • Vitamin C may decrease the availability of selenium for absorption. Selenium is a trace mineral that our body needs so if you were deficient, excess vitamin C supplementation could make the issue worse

Want to skip the pills?

Camu Camu are nutrient-dense berries that are considered a superfood and contain an awesome amount of vitamin C and flavonoids. I discovered them years ago when I started to consume superfoods regularly. Cam Camu berries are actually considered by many to be the most vitamin C rich fruits on the earth. One teaspoon of camu camu powder contains 1180 percent of RDA for vitamin C. I personally would chose camu camu powder in a morning smoothie if I wanted to consume something that would replace the supplement and meet my daily vitamin C requirements.


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